Saturday, June 25, 2011

Do You Know What Looks Great?

MY BLOG BUTTON!  Ok, it kinda looks great.  It's a first attempt.  I got obsessive about not having a button and then my husband knew I wasn't going to shut-up about it until it was finished. So now I have a blog button for this wonderful blog and I hope you'll steal the code and spread the love!  (I sure would love a comment telling me that you've stolen the code....I'd like to view my button out there on the great wide web!)

And don't want to become a follower of my other blog...Sturch's Second Grade Stars!


  1. I grabbed your button and I would love for your to grab mine and follow my blog!

  2. I cannot wait to check your blog out. Please feel free to check out my second site, Sturch's Second Grade Stars!

  3. I about going to check it out right now!