Monday, January 23, 2012

Easy CBM

  Are you looking for a quick and no hassle way to find math and literacy fluency measures?  Look no further than Easy CBM!  This site is free for teachers and literally has done all of the legwork for you.  All you need to do is create a free account, choose your grade level, and print the measures you like.
You can enter data online and the site will help you track your students progress and you can also move up or down grade (K-8) to differentiate the activities for your students.  There are HFW fluency measures, reading passages, comprehension activities, math fact fluency drills and much more!!!
Well worth the thirty seconds it takes to set up an account.  My advice would be to look the site over and brainstorm how you will organize the materials before launching off onto print mode.  Since everything has been done for you (scoring sheets included), this literally is a 60 second progress monitoring.  I know, we've heard that line before!  :) 
Take a moment and check out the site!  It is well worth it! 

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