Saturday, February 11, 2012

FaNtAsTiC Finds from TCEA 2012!!!!

First of all....let me say.....WoW!  I had a wonderful time at TCEA 2012 (and I'm secretly plotting my return trip next year)!  Don't tell my district yet!  It's a secret!  I met some fabulous people and gathered awesome ideas for my classroom. 
I have to brag though....the Pinterest QR Code shirts for our Curriculum Tools Pinterest page were a huge hit!  We're now averaging around 600 followers a board!!!!  Wow-wee!  Is that how you spell that?  Hmm...where's my online Hillbilly Dictionary?  Maybe that will be my new app! 
Did I mention that I attended a session on app building that requires no programming???  I did!  If you're interested...visit and get started today!  The app building process seems fairly straight forward (read "I'm still playing with it myself") but I heard that the fees to upload the app to iTunes can be a bit high.  I'll be calling on my Super Duper Tech Team for help when I get to that place! 
I will be posting apps and websites all this week so stay tuned!  Make sure to blog about my blog, steal my button, and follow my Pinterest boards (both mine and Curriculum Tools)!   Let's make the internet start working for educators!  Share the love!

Remember....keep your head, heels, and standards high!


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