Sunday, March 27, 2011

Why Integrate Technology?

"I've been doing it this way for a thousand years. I don't need technology."

I've heard this one before. Yes, we do need to integrate technology. Society has changed. Education must change too. In times past, factual based knowledge was necessary. We needed experts in different fields to guide business and education. Now we have Google. Mastery at the factual level just isn't good enough anymore. We need students, adults, workers, and leaders who can think digitally and conceptually. We know students aren't what they used to be. So teachers can not be what they used to be.

"How do you begin?"

Slowly. I like to help teachers begin integrating technology through the creation of blogs, distribution lists, or other outlets for communicating with parents. Let me introduce you to Edmodo.

Edmodo is a social networking/communication site that is perfect for teachers, students, and parents. The site functions similarly to Facebook, so it is easy to use. Teachers can invite parents & students into the site and communicate easily, post assignments, create polls, etc. I would definitely recommend checking this site out.

"Why should I trust you?"

Well, I'm not a "techie". I do not have a degree in Technology. I do have 15 years of experience in education and I'm not afraid of integrating technology into my classroom. I speak the language of technology and education. I hope I can help!

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