Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hooda Sites

I cannot believe how much testing the state of Texas requires our little ones to complete. TPRI tests for each child, DIBELS assessments for each child, First Steps in Mathematics assessments for each child, and DRA (running records). My class and I are on overload! Here are two great sites I have found to keep the little ones working and interested.
Could be set up as a reward center, review center, etc. The content is well organized and all of the links appear to be working. Hooda Word has 24 games related to language and Hooda Brain has 14 games designed to improve memory skills. I hope these sites will help you navigate through the end of year assessment jungle!


  1. THANKS! I am just about near TESTING time...have DIBELS, DRA, writing, and end of year 14 page math test!! UGH!!!

  2. I feel your pain! I just finished TPRI and have started DIBELS and Math. Running records are just around the corner!