Monday, April 4, 2011

Pete's PowerPoint Station

Pete's PowerPoint Station contains hundreds of PowerPoints and games for use in your classroom. All grades and almost all subjects are represented. You can easily search out PowerPoints for use in your instruction. I used to import these PowerPoint files directly into ActivInspire on my Promethean board, but I felt limited by what I could do with the file. Annotations were always having to be "cleaned" off before I moved on to the next slide.

Now, I simply open the PowerPoint file in MS and I hover my stylus over the lower-left corner of the board. This brings up a menu for me to use. I can advance the slides, choose pen colors, and choose marker colors. This only works in "slideshow" mode. I'm sure there are similar options with SMART boards but I only have experience working with Promethean.

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