Saturday, April 16, 2011

YouTube SearchOn

I just recently stumbled across an easy way to create videos on YouTube. Visit and create short videos for your class. It is basically a video of an internet search. You are given six search boxes that connect with Google and you can choose to display a web search, maps, images, etc. When you are satisfied with the content, you can add music, preview and upload your video to YouTube.

How is this relevant for the classroom? Well, first of all, it's fun. It would be a fantastic way to differentiate the process or product for a classroom assignment. It is a great first step for teachers just beginning to integrate technology into the classroom. You can easily add the video to your classroom website or blog! It could even be used as a tool to aid communication with parents.

I'm very sleepy this morning since my crazy puppy woke me up at a ridiculously early time this morning. After my coffee kicks in, I plan to play with the tool more!