Monday, April 4, 2011

Visuals Engine

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I was just over at Free Tech for Teachers and I saw this post! Thanks guys! I have to show you this great site for creating visuals. has created this visuals engine that is perfect for special needs students, young students, or just any visual learner. There are pre-made templates and project ideas just waiting on you.

The site has several photographs and images from Boardmaker for you to use or you can upload your own images. Create things like:
  • Choice Boards
  • First...., Then....
  • Circle Time Boards
  • I Want...
  • Schedules
  • Token Economy
  • Labels....and more
When you are finished with your creation, you can either print or save as a .pdf. There are many more resources on the site, but for differentiated instruction or special needs children, this is a must.

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